Personal Finance class for 3rd session 2011/12

Make-up points for Personal Finance – 3 points

Write a detailed five paragraph essay on the topic below. The essay should be planned, well organized and thought out. (I am not interested in your unorganized random thoughts as you researched this topic.) You must attached your research notes and organizer used. Paper should be typed and free of spelling and grammatical errors. All work must be cited.

Question: What is consumer credit and how it works? Will this be useful to you during you lifetime? Why or why not. Provide examples.

Life Scenarios by Bonzai
class code: MUA2SY

Student Workbook

Scenario #1: Your rent is due. [completed 11/8/2011]

Go to the following website:

Be prepared to discuss:
  • Leases
  • Cosigning
  • Breaking a lease
  • Benefits of renting vs. owning

[Completed 11/9/2011]
1) Log in to Life Scenarios by Banzai
2) Complete the pre-test in the ASSESSMENT tab located on the top right of the Life Scenarios web page
3) Complete Scenario #2: Paycheck
4) Complete Scenario #3: 7th Street Gas N' Go
Follow the scenarios in the student workbook linked above (you might have downloaded it yesterday). Make sure you SAVE after each scenario. Some of you did not save yesterday (yes, I know because the computer tells me so.)
5) Go to the following websites and take notes:
Be prepared to discuss Social Security and the financial impact on fuel economy.

Assignment for scenarios 4 and 5: [complete 11/11/11]
Complete the assigned activity and be prepared to report to the class.

Sub assignment for 11/17/11:
Complete the Types of Investment Risk worksheet pages 62-64. Each investment type bust be rated for risk in each concept and and explain why.
Complete scenario 6-10
Go to the link below and research and take notes on each of the 8 topics (Holiday savings, credit cards, insurance, Retirement & pension, family finances, investment, mobile phone services, and money savings)

Your credit score information. Please click on the below pdf. Review it and answer the questions on the worksheet.

Assignment for December 7
Complete all Scenarios through 30.
Research the following websites: